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Apptheme known for it's innovative designs launched new Coupon Child theme for existing Clipper customers.New Koupon Clipper Child theme is an amazing child theme with new features and beautiful style" target="_blank 

Responsive theme is the future as mobile users community growing rapidly and everyone wants to access websites whether it's new,media or coupon sites, so when it comes to Responsive Coupon theme Koupon theme blew me away, so I have purchased and sailed it on my older site. I am looking forward to add reviews as I see how the traffic is bouncing on my new site.

If you are interested to purchase then please check out the Koupon theme and buy Coupon code one out instantly. 

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Search Enginer Ranker Tutorial


Best Link building tool that works after Google Panda Update


UltimateDemon Coupon Code 2013 

Back Link building is the most important factor when you want to make your site rank higher in search engine searches specially Google gives lot of weight. In past Web masters used several automated software to build the back-links but after Google Panda and Penguin updates if you use any automated software then you site will be immediately penalized by Big G and your site will be be banned forever. I have experienced this myself, I wasn't using the automated software but I was using Fiverr services for building backlinks, apparently when my site was banned I realized those 5 bucks service was the reason as Fiverr service providers were using scrape-box, All in one SEO and other automated software to build quick backlinks.

After reading several reviews online I find the best back link building Software that helped me to rank my website higher in Google.

Best BackLink Build Software 2013 - Google Panda and penguin Safe 

I am using UltimateDemon, because using only one single software now I can use multiform approach to build backlinks, using Ultimatedemon you can build back-links by submitting your website to  :
  • Web 2.0 Sites 
  • Wiki Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Video Sites Article Directories
  • Web Directories 
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Directories
  • Document Sharing Sites
The Ultimatedemon setup and installation is very easy, before i brought this software I went through the Quick start Guide. I would recommend you go through this 12 minutes video on How to use the Ultimate demon. That's all it is to know once you watch this Quick start video on Backlink building you will be blown away:

UltimateDemon Coupon Code offer 2013 

The UltimateDemon is available on sale for on time fee of $397 and $47 monthly Fee, whatever option best suits to you. There is Promotional coupon code offer, there is no coupon code available for you to save $50 instantly online , after using this Promotional offer you can buy Ultimatedem on  on sale for $346.98 USD.

Fix Please download the Google voice plugin to make a call


I work with my clients to help them with WordPress sites and provide consulting for Search Engine Optimization work.I am using Google Talk for video chats and making voice calls, recently I run into nightmare because Google talk on my Windows 7 desktop stopped working. The error message I was getting in Google Talk :

 Please download the  voice plugin to make a call
 To quickly fix the problem I searched on Google and ran into several Google support forums, Google came up with nice idea of support forums but to tell you the truth searching for solutions in forums sucks big time.I am an IT guy so I don't mind quckly scanning the forums but looking from a non-IT person point of view looking for answers in  support forums is really confusing and frustrating. All of sudden I am jumping from one Google Support forums to another because some one posted the link saying, here is a thread that fixed my problem. I am mean really looking from Google point of view they want to make everything simple and user friendly but here I am jumping from one thread to another thread looking for answers on How to fix the Google Talk Plugin.

Here is What I did 

 I removed the Google Talk Plugin from C:\users\TomL\AppData\Local\Google\ Google Talk Plugin Folder on my Windows 7 machine and then re-installed as suggested on Google forums. I am not going to create a link here because that fix didn't work for me.

Solution that worked for to Fix "Please download the  voice plugin to make a call"

1.First close all your browser - Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer and then remove the user folder

C:\users\userA\AppData\Local\Google\ Google Talk Plugin

2.Install the Google Talk Plugin offline version

 open your browser and  login to Google account it fixed my Google voice in my Firefox.

Finding Cheap private proxies for SEO


Looking for cheap Private proxies for Scrapebox or Twitter ??

If you are looking for cheap and Highly efficient working proxies for Search Engine Optimization work then you have come to right place. I have been using private proxies for running scrapebox for long time but the cost is getting higher and higher. Finally I came across the best plan for using the Private proxies . I pay only $1.49 for 100 private proxies.

The $1.49/month plan for Private proxy includes:

  • Multiple Cities
  • Multiple Subnets
  • Non Sequential IPs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 Threads
  • 1,000Mbps Speeds
  • 99.99% Up Time

 Sign up for $1.49/moth Private proxy Plan

Genesis Framework v1.8 Now Available on Sale


Genesis Framework released new version of Framework version 1.8, If you don't want to spend time on doing extra SEO work then need Genesis Theme Framework to run your sites.All Genesis word press themes are Search Engine optimized, which means than to you get targeted traffic to your wordpress sites:Genesis Theme and Framework costs $79.95 (sale), you can select variety of theme to use with search engine optimized Genesis Framework to improve ranking and incoming Google traffic to your sites.

Nitrous Theme - High Energy Theme for WordPressMidnight Theme - Put A Spotlight On Your Content

Trying to build up PR to your site



Do Follow Blogs List

Working on improving site rank.

Rank Higher after Google Panda update on Affiliate sites


How to Rank Higher after Google Panda update - using Affiliate link

Google Panda updates specially target sites running thin Affiliate links, I have been working for last 3 months on improving the Google ranking for my sites. I have notice several sites still promoting affiliate products are still ranking higher. Most of the sites promoting affiliates are using search engine optimized Wordpress theme - Thesis is one of them , several sites using Thesis wordpress theme and  tinyuls or shortened url links for promoting affiliate products.

The way how you can do this is use some of the smart wordpress plugins like Affiliate Ninja or Pretty link  Shrink, Track, Share, Control ... Dominate

I have been using Thesis wordpress theme and Pretty Links wordpress plugins and getting higher SERP ranking for my pages that was whacked out by Google Panda Updates.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Wordpress Coupon theme on Sale


Looking for Wordpress coupon theme, here is a nice WordPress theme that gives you bang for the buck you spend on this all in one WordPress theme. This WordPress coupon theme include several options and nice user interface for administrator and users.

Wordpress Coupon code Theme on Sale

For a limited time buy this Wordpress Coupon code theme and Save $100, this Wordpress coupon theme is on sale for $99.

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Wordpress Robot - WP Robot Coupon code

WP Robot is autoposter word press plugin, amazing plugin to earn money by just setting this plugin. WP Elite full edition costs $220 , if you but using coupon code you save instantly $91.

1.Click here to visit Wordpress Robot website.
2.Add Wordpress Robot to cart and enter the Coupon code listed below to save $91 instantly
Coupon code = SPROBOT.
3.After coupon code WP Robot costs $129.

enjoy the wp robot coupon code.

PremiumPress Coupon code


Buy Premium Press Coupon code online

CouponPress - VIP Version

Free Web 2.0 Icons for Bloggers


Free Web 2.0 Icons for Bloggers

Recently i came across a terrific collection of Web 2.0 Social Media Icons, it's a nice collection of Free Web 2.0 Icons available for Free. Check some of the Free Web 2.0 social media icon collection below :


Download Free web 2.0 Social Media Icons for Free

Wordpress seo secrets for dummies


I was searching online and find a great post on Wordpress SEO secrets for dummies. This is a great book . Most of the stuff i learned which took me a year is covered in this book . If you want to tap SEO secrets in 2 days then this is a great read for you.

How i added Banner background image in Thesis Header (Thesis 1.6)


How i added Banner background image in Thesis Header (Thesis 1.6)

Why do you care for Thesis hacks and coding. This is the secret SEO weapon that will bring SEO traffic to your site.Check out my previous post on Moving Navigation bar in Thesis Theme

.custom #header { border-bottom:none;height:150px;padding-top:0;padding-bottom:0;
center left no-repeat; }
.custom #header #logo { display:none; }
.custom #header #tagline { display:none; }

The Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson and DIYthemes

How to add logo in Thesis theme header


Missing puzzle in Thesis them

So i bought the Thesis theme after hearing lot of hype.I am going to talk straight about Thesis theme, for SEO and web developers it is a great theme, but if you don't have coding experience then it wouldn't be much good for your from design/customization perspective. If you are not like me you can still use Thesis theme , but if you are some one like me you cares for look , attractive design then you have to hire some web developer to customize your wordpress blog. If you just care for SEO but not about design then i would give 10/10 to Thesis theme , go head you can buy it and rest assured you will get free Organic traffic without spending any money on traffic work.

I don't have money to give it out to developer so i am learning myself how to customize Thesis Theme. Let's talk about how to add logo in Thesis theme header.

one Thing that really helped me is that now i don't have to get to shell access for changing Thesis customization code. In thesis 1.6 you can change code in theme right from wordpress admin page. There are only two files to look into which resides under thesis\custom folder

You are with me so far , that does sounds real easy least it does to me.

1. Go to Wordpress admin page and click and under Thesis options ., select Custom File Editor

2.Next open custom_functions.php and add this line under php code

add_action('thesis_hook_header', 'custom_image_header');

3.Next add the code just below the first code in custom_functions.php file

function custom_image_header() {

I find this is very helpful and i was able to get the logo going on my thesis site, i find information here.

How to Make a cool wordpress Header


How to Make a cool wordpress Header

Working on WordPress is really fun ,i am not a web designer so i started learning from designing wordpress header. Here is a nice step by step instruction on how to design a cool looking WordPress header using Adobe Photoshop (CS3 or CS4).You can do similar stuff with Gimp but i am not a Gimp person :

Anything better then Thesis .. Sounds like Headway wordpress theme is the best


Visual Editor not in Thesis WordPress theme, here it is ???

Even better comparing to Thesis WordPress Theme Headway Premium WordPress Theme offers visual editing

I have been working on Thesis theme since i brought this 2 months ago but haven't figured out how to do custom designing, the only reason i brought Thesis Theme because there was no better SEO Theme out there. I have heard good thing about Thesis where just in 10 days with 1-2 pages Thesis wordpress sites got indexed in Google and ranked in top ten. You know what i mean if you are a affiliate

Better SEO + Google top ten = $$$$.

I thought since Thesis give you tons of options it would be easy for me, Since i am not a php programmer neither i am a web site designer.. it would be easy for me to run some Highly optimized , good looking SEO sites. I find it very difficult with Thesis theme to design a good looking websites, you can read here how i struggled to get few customization done with Thesis theme ... Here is i posted when i did some reading online and posted questions in Thesis wordpress forums on "How to move Navigation bar in Thesis Theme" and here is How to Make Thesis a Full width page.

Thesis or Headway - which is better Premium Theme ?

What i mean to say is for doing little bit of change you need to install open hooks and get into dirt coding, i am not a programmer so yes little bit of coding is dirty for me. For a wordpress user most important thing is "no coding work" , with Thesis i felt like i am going other way. I brought Thesis 1.6 and then when i find Headway i switched to Headway version 1.5.

Headway WordPress Premium Theme Coupon Code

Even better Headway WordPress Theme is cheaper then Thesis WordPress Theme. Headway wordpress personal Premium Edition Theme costs $87, With HeadWay WordPress Coupon Code you will 30% off to save $21.75. After 30% Coupon code discount Headway WordPress Premium Theme costs only $65.25. This was the WOW! moment for me. I brought Headway WordPress Theme after using 30% Coupon code. I am going to share this Headway WordPress Premium Theme Coupon code.

Copy Coupon code - 01f5339835 and Click here to redeem Headway WordPress Theme Coupon

WordPress Theme Design


WordPress Theme Design

Designing a wordpress theme is not an easy Job if you don't have right tool to do it. Here is a great link to design wordpress theme using Dreamweaver CS4

Keyword research for Niche sites


Here is a great video i find online about Market Samurai for researching on Micro Niche using Market Samurai.

Caffeinated Content -Automated blogger that really works


Caffeinated Content Automated Wordpress plugin

I tried several autoblogger software to run automated blogs but Google dropped them from SERP. I gave up working on autopilot blogging then one day i find Caffeinated Content. For those who are new to WordPress blogging Caffeinated Content is the best way to earn money from Adsense by running blogs in autopilot mode.

How Caffeinated Content Wordpress plugin works

Caffeinated Content is unique wordpress plugin that will allow you to run 10 or 100's or even more automated wordpress blogs in a auto pilot mode.Only thing you have to do is register some domain name and install the wordpress plugin, installing wordpress plugin is as simple as uploading a file or attaching pictures in your email.Caffeinated Content wordpress plugins pulls content from yahoo answers, other articles and videos in a way that it doesn't create any duplication, that's how your blogs get into search Engines , so you will get Organic traffic on your autopilot blogs. Setting posting dates in Caffeinated Content is really easy you can set your articles to get posted in future dates or in past that will give your blog some authenticity.

Two step process to Make Money using Caffeinated Content in autopilot mode

  • Buy Caffeinated Content and activate the plugin
  • Add desired keywords in Caffeinated Content, set it and forget it.Your blog will grow in a auto-pilot mode
To make some serious amount of money using Caffeinated Content add Google adsense, Yahoo ads, Microsoft ads , Adbrite or any other ads, users will come to your site as traffic grows your earning will increase day by day

Here is a video on How to install Caffeinated Content plugin in wordpress

In this video you can learn how to use Caffeinated Content for automated blogging

Buy Cafeeinated Content - Automated WordPress Plugin on Sale

Looking for Caffeinated Content Automated blog poster Coupon Code ??? The Original Caffeinated Content wordpress plugin costs $77 , however if you can use the current pormotional Caffeinated Content Coupon code you can save some money. Here is a great article on Caffeinated Content

How to make Make Thesis a full width page theme


How to make Make Thesis a full width page theme

Need SEO don't go anywhere just get WordPress site running you will save some serious amount of money. If you are a small business owner wants to get higher traffic from Google then WordPress is your best bet , on top of that to make things more lucrative next big leap in SEO ranking is Thesis Theme. Recently i am experimenting with Thesis theme and getting earth breaking results to get high ranking for targeted keywords by running my site on Thesis.

I am learning little bit of php and css to customize thesis theme, finding some good techniques like how to move navigation bar after header in thesis theme. Next i am working on how to make Thesis theme a full width theme, i am running some site where i am using Ads heavily to spin up some extra cash so i decided to take advantage of full width on my wordpress site.

Here is a great video on how to make thesis a full width framework theme :

full-width framework?


<html>asdasdasda </html>

Move Navigation bar after header in Thesis WordPress Theme


Move Navigation bar after header in Thesis wordpress Theme

Moving Navigation bar after the header is very simple task as i wasn't aware how to do this. Every thing is out there unless you stumble upon the solution already out there for you. Thesis is SEO optimized theme and allows developer/user lot of flexibility. In Thesis 1.6 several new changes are added including CSS customization which is really a cool feature of Thesis 1.6 theme.

Checkout this video where you can find step by step instruction on how to customize Thesis 1.6 wordpress theme specifically moving navigation bar below header. I have brought several wordpress theme but i got stuck when i really need to do customization like this.But Thesis allowed me to do this change in minutes, i am not a hardcore programmer i only have basic programming skills. What makes Thesis special is you don't need any programming experience , watch this video below and find out yourself.

check out another cool Thesis WordPress Theme online tutorial video on how to create drop down Navigation bar

Buy SEO optimized Thesis 1.6 Wordpress theme and save $15

Get $15 off on Thesis 1.6 Wordpress theme if you buy it from link here on digitalhat

Manage Wordpress Navigation with Navigation List Plugin


WordPress Navigation List plugin allows you to create own customized Navigation list.

checkout WordPress Navigation List plugin

Solostream WP-Prolific WordPress Premium theme


WP-Prolific Solostream WordPress Theme for phpbay Web sites

WP-Prolific Solosream wordpress premium themes are great theme to use with phpBay pro Websites. The design is clean and elegant , also this theme is SEO friendly theme that helps your site to rank higher in Google SERP's.If you are interested to try this theme then click on image below to find out special pricing for this theme

Solostream Wp-prolific Premium WordPress discount coupon for phpBay pro sites, WP-Prolific is on sale If you are interested to try this theme then click on image below to find out special pricing for this theme.

I recommend this Premium Wordpress theme if you want to see your site rank higher in google SERP's.

Solostream is offering $20 OFF on this Premium themes, payment is accpepted via paypal.

Wordpress Review Theme and Plugins


Wordpress Review Theme and Plugins

Wordpress Review sites are really impressive to gain some quality traffic and make decent amount of money online. If you are already familiar with review sites then you should look into WordPress review theme.

Wordpress review theme Demo

Interested in Buying WordPress Review Theme Click here


Make over $1000 from CJ -Make Money online tips


Make over $1000 from COMMISSION JUNCTION -Make Money online tips

This month again i reached my earning Goal - over $1000. I have tried lot of SEO techniques on my WordPress blogs but did n't received much success.

Check out my this Month earning from CJ and then i will talk about how i get there, there is some money i have to spend but that was like a investment.

Now Let's me explain how i get there just by spending 1-2 hour a day.I picked some niche to tryout Commission junction . I use bluehost for hosting Wordpress blogs, then i created 2-3 blogs on targeted niche. But then i hit the wall because i couldn't get traffic on my wordpress blog, i tried link submission, back links, posting out in forums nothing worked out. Untill one late night i was searching online and find this software

1.Pick a Niche and find domain hosting for WordPress. I pay $6.95 for unlimited wordpress web hosting. Why i use bluehost - becuase i can host mutliple sites at one place, that's also helps in site management - i am able to manage all sites using one single account.

2.Next thing is very hard to achieve i.e you need Traffic and some SEO work to rank your blogs higher in Google SERP, you need to get higher SERP ranking for your targeted keywords.If you prefer to do i manually then you need to wait couple of months to see some progress or you can use some SEO software to get faster results in couple of days !

3. Get faster indexing,High ranking and tons of backlinks in Google by just paying spending $147.

Watch this video and decide if you want to buy this software to earn money online

Adding Ebay Partner Network to your Hub pages account


Hub Pages is really nice for getting some quality traffic, Now you can add Ebay partner Network in short called EPN account on your Hub pages (Hub space).

1.For doing so you would need to login to EPN home page

2.Then you need to Go to Domain Activation Page at EPN.

3.In Account tab click add and add

4. Get the Activation code and enter it on your Hub page account

How to optimize WordPress site -SEO Nova Plugin


For WordPress users SEO Nova is great wordpress plugin to optimize their sites that will help in better ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here is a great video on How to Optimize Wordpress title using SEO Nova plugin :

Make Money from Twitter online


How to Make Money from Twitter online

I have been hearing for long time that people are making Money from Twitter. So i decided to give it a try last month and since then i have made $500 just from Twitter.

To Get you started if you want to earn little Money without spending any Money or any Software then you can still start making Money but that will be something like few bucks a day depending upon how frequently you use twitter and how many fan following you have on Twitter.

Make Money from Twitter - Day 1

1.First thing sign-up for RevTwt by clicking the link below :

Here is a step-by step instructions on How to Make Money from Twitter.You can Sign-up for RevTwt and then promote your Links with your friends and online twitter buddies if they sign-up and create chain links then you will get 20% referral or their earning. Is n't this nice. This is Just the beginning.

Make Money from Twitter - Day 2

Let's get started on day two , watch this video where you can lean how to add your Twitter account in RevTwt and enable Advertisement posting. Some RevTwt ads pay .5 cents a click to .10 cents a click , on higher range you can get .15 cents per ad click. I recommend you select auto posting of ads that will appear on your Twitter page in between your tweets.

Make Money from Twitter - Day 3

Now you must be wondering how the heck i earned $500 buys by following few Twitter buddies. Here is the secret , this step is not a free one but you have to spend some money to get some real traffic. Here is a secret software tool that i find which will literally make your Twitter list to grow in 6 figures , called hummingbird Using Hummingbird at the TOP of everyone's list.

you can get this $97 value software using coupon code

Get Hummingbird Pro now for $82.45 Save with

Keep Reading .. Still More to come on How to Make Money online from Twitter